Microwaves Forces and Potentials for Ultracold Physics

Seth A. M. Aubin
Event Date and Time: 
Tue, 2015-06-30 16:00 - 17:00
Chem D-215
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John Behr
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Microwave potentials based on the AC Zeeman effect can be used for spin-specific manipulation and trapping of ultracold atoms. Conveniently, AC Zeeman traps can confine any spin state at arbitrary magnetic fields and can simultaneously target qualitatively different potentials to individual states. Atom chips are ideal platforms for producing these traps since they can provide strong near-field potentials and gradients. Notably, the potential roughness associated with atom chip micro-magnetic traps is expected to be strongly suppressed in AC Zeeman chip traps. These microwave potentials are well suited for studies of one-dimensional quantum gases with tunable interactions and spin-dependent trapped atom interferometry.

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