Medical Physics

UBC Physics and Astronomy is involved in a broad range of medical physics research in the areas of radiation therapy, medical imaging, biomedical optics and radiation biophysics.

Brain MR
Dr. MacKay's group is developing MR techniques for imaging myelin in brain

Radiation Therapy

The ultimate aim of our research in radiation therapy at the BC Cancer Agency is to provide more accurate and effective cancer therapies. Current research on existing techniques include aspects of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), stereotactic radiosurgery and permanent seed implant of the prostate. The group is also using film, polyacrylamide gels and amorphous silicon imagers to explore improvements in the accuracy of radiation dose measurements. Finally, Monte Carlo Simulation techniques are being applied to develop more accurate dose calculations.









Medical Imaging

The SPECT imaging machine
The SPECT imaging machine
Members of the department are actively researching a variety of medical imaging techniques. Four groups work in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. They investigate MR contrast mechanisms, develop; advanced MR techniques and carry out clinically applied MR research studies. MRI research is facilitated by having access to state of the art MRI scanners at UBC MRI Research Centre. Our Nuclear Medicine Imaging group is pursuing research in quantitative SPECT imaging and dynamic SPECT. The Positron Emission Tomography (PET) research group work on technique development with a clinical focus on neurodegeneration.






Biomedical Optics

The cancer imaging group at the BC Cancer Research Centre exploits the interaction of light at both the micro- and macro-scopic level to detect, delineate, grade and treat early (predominantly pre-invasive) cancers. The group is currently focused on early cancer management issues in the Lung, Cervix, Prostate, Breast and Skin.







Radiation Biophysics

Research in the radiation biophysics laboratory at the BC Cancer Agency is focused on improving radiation and drug treatment of solid tumours and also includes studies into the biology and vasculature of solid tumours as well as methods of treating tumours and predicting their response to treatment.

Faculty Engaged in Medical Physics Research

Alex MacKay Professor,
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance/ Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Research Website
Research Field: Medical Physics
Stefan Reinsberg Associate Professor,
Medical Physics
Research Website
Research Field: MR Imaging and Spectroscopy
Topics include: MRI and MRS in Cancer, Image Method Development
Vesna Sossi Professor,
Medical Imaging - PET
Research Website
Research Field: Positron Emission Tomography Brain Imaging; Multimodality Imaging
Topics include: Instrumentation, Algorithms, Neurodegeneration, Clinical and Preclinical Imaging

Adjunct Professors

Anna Celler Associate Member,
Nuclear Medical Imaging
Research Website
Cheryl Duzenli Adjunct Professor,
Medical physics
Research Website
Nancy Ford Associate Member,
X-ray imaging, micro-computed tomography, dental x-ray imaging
Research Website
Shannon Kolind Associate Member,
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Research Field: Medical Physics
Topics include: Biologically-specific MRI techniques, development of new acquisition and analysis methods, applications in clinical reasearch
Piotr Kozlowski Associate Member,
Research Field: Medical Physics
Corree Laule Associate Member,
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Research Website
Research Field: myelin water imaging, quantitative MRI, T1 and T2 relaxation, brain, spinal cord, myelin, histology, lipids, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, neurological diseases
Vitali Moiseenko Adjunct Professor,
BC Cancer Agency
Karl Otto Adjunct Professor,
Tony Popescu Adjunct Professor,
BCCA Vancouver
Qing-San Xiang Associate Member,
Research Field: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Haishan Zeng Associate Member,
Biomedical Optics/Photomedicine
Research Website
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