Atomic-Resolution In-Situ Characterization of Complex Oxides

Robert F Klie, Department of Physics, University of Illinois – Chicago, Chicago, IL 60607
Event Date and Time: 
Thu, 2016-02-25 11:00 - 12:30
Henn 318
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Leanne Ebbs
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The last few years have seen a paradigm change in the way we characterize materials, with unprecedented improvements in both spatial and spectroscopic resolution being realized by aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopes. While spatial and energy resolutions better than 60 pm and 10 meV have been reported, aberration-correction has also enables a large variety of in-situ experiments at close to atomic resolution. Using this approach, the intercalation of Li-ions into cathode materials, the dynamics of vacancies, and the interactions between gases and nano-particles can now be directly observed, to only mention a few examples. However, the electron probe current densities required for atomic-resolution imaging are often several orders of magnitudes higher than the threshold for electron-beam damage, which will prevent us from analyzing the true structure. Therefore, understanding and controlling the effects of the electron beam on the sample materials is emerging as one of the most important areas of current electron microscopy. In this presentation, I will focus on the atomic-scale in-situ characterization of complex oxide materials, including thin films, superlattices and nano-particles. In particular, I will demonstrate the effects of oxygen vacancy ordering at low temperatures in (Pr,Y)CaCoO3, the dynamic control of orbital occupancy in ferro-electric/manganite inter-interfaces, and novel high-temperature superconductors. I will further discuss our recent development of graphene-based liquid holders that enable the direct characterization of solid-liquid interfaces close to atomic-resolution.
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