Applications of ferntosecond laser comb to nonlinear molecular spectroscopy

TitleApplications of ferntosecond laser comb to nonlinear molecular spectroscopy
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsYe, J., RJ Jones, L. Chen, KW Holman, and D. J. Jones
EditorKarshenboim, SG
Book TitleAstrophysics, Clocks and Fundamental Constants
Pagination275 - 295
PublisherSpringer-Verlag Berlin
ISBN Number3-540-21967-6
Keywordsfemtosecond-laser, generation, light-pulses, Mode-locked lasers, nm, optical frequency-measurement, phase-control, pulse amplification, stabilization, ti-sapphire laser
AbstractRecent progress in precision control of pulse repetition rate and carrier-envelope phase of ultrafast lasers has established a strong connection between optical frequency metrology and ultrafast science. A wide range of applications has ensued, including measurement of absolute optical frequencies, precision laser spectroscopy, optical atomic clocks, and optical frequency synthesis in the frequency- domain, along with pulse timing stabilization, coherent synthesis of optical pulses, and phase-sensitive extreme nonlinear optics in the time-domain. In this contributiori we discuss the impact of the femtosecond optical frequency comb to molecular spectroscopy. Measurements performed in the frequency-domain provide a global picture of molecular structure at high precision while providing radio frequency clock signals derived from molecular optical standards. Time-domain analysis and experiments give us new possibilities for nonlinear optical spectroscopy and sensitive detections with real-time information.
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