Northwest Section of the American Physical Society  
11th Annual Meeting
Information for Speakers and Poster Presenters

Contributed talks are 10 minutes long with an additional 2 minutes for discussion.

Plenary talks: are 30 minutes long with an additional 6 minutes for discussion. They are directed to a broad audience of physicists and students from a variety of fields.

For details on invited talks, please refer to the appropriate session organizer(s).

Audiovisuals - Session venues will be equipped with digital projectors and each session room's convenor will upload your presentation before your talk. Presenters should employ portable media such as CD-ROM or flash drives. Time will be available for pre-loading presentations onto the hard drives of the conference computers before the start of a session. Presenters may also bring their presentations on their own laptops to plug into the audio-visual system. Overhead projectors will also be available for speakers who wish to use transparencies.

You may make special audio-visual requests by e-mail at All reasonable requests will be considered.

Posters: Maximum poster width: 40 inches, maximum length: 45 inches. Smaller posters can easily be accommodated (ie the following are all OK: 30 x 40 inches, or 40 x 30 inches, 25 x 25 inches) . Posters will be attached to easels and panels using pushpins and/or staplegun (we'll have them on hand)