Your Health and Safety Program Administrator (SPA)

Unit Heads have the primary responsibility for the safe and compliant operation of their area. This management function may be delegated (by the Head) to a Unit member or M&P staff member who will act as the area’s Health and Safety Program Administrator (SPA).


  1. All Units are to have a Health and Safety Program Administrator.

    Kirk MadisonFor the Physics and Astronomy Department, Kirk Madison has agreed to fulfill the role and responsibilities of a SPA on behalf of Doug Bonn, Dept. Head.







  2. The Roles and Responsibilities of the Health and Safety Program Administrator are to:

    • Ensure the development, implementation and maintenance of all elements of the Health and Safety Program including an effective functioning local Health and Safety Committee.
    • Monitor the Health and Safety Program for compliance with WCB and internal requirements.
    • Attend and participate in all required safety committee and management meetings.
    • Review and provide senior management with safety committee meeting minutes and recommendations.
    • Provide supervisors with the tools and resources to ensure the success of all elements of the Safety Program.
    • Communicate safety action plans and recommendations to management and staff.
    • Ensure accidents and incidents are investigated and reported and review the reports.
    • Ensure corrective action plans are implemented.
    • Develop and monitor procedures for responding to and reporting personal security incidents (workplace violence program) following WCB guidelines.
    • Ensure that Health and Safety Program Reviews are conducted as required.