UBC HSE Accident Report Forms

University Policy and WCB regulations require that any event involving injury to a person or damage to property, or had the potential to do so, must be reported to HSE Health Promotions within 24 hours of occurrence. The following forms can be downloaded from the UBC HSE Publications Page

  1. "Worker's Report of Injury or Occupational Disease to Employee" WCB Form 6
    In the case of an accident or injury; this form is for faculty and staff, including grad students.
  2. "Faculty & Staff Incident Accident Form" This form should be filled in by the worker's supervisor within 24 hours of the incident/accident and forwarded to the Dept. Administrator.
  3. "UBC Student and Visitor Incident/Accident Report"
    In the case of an accident or injury to undergrads or visitors.
  4. WCB Form 7A.
    "First Aid Report" --Supplementary to worker's report of injury.