Eng Phys student represented Canada at IAPS AGM

October 10, 2017

UBC Engineering Physics Jenny Yang attended the International Conference of Physics Students (ICPS) from August 7-14, in Turin, Italy. She not only represented Canada / Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) at the International Association of Physics Students (IAPS) Annual General Meeting, but also received 3rd place for the "Best Poster Contribution" award. Congratulations Jenny! And, what a busy summer!

The purpose of the ICPS is to create an opportunity for physics students from all around the world to come together, talk about science and technology, present their research, and attend lectures from world-renowned scientists. ICPS 2017 had over 400 participants this year, with over 200 scientific contributions. Students (Bachelors, Masters, PhDs) presented on various topics including particle physics, quantum computing, nuclear physics, and much more. For the conference, Jenny contributed a poster as well as an oral presentation in the Biophysics/Medical Physics category. She presented on a research project, Identifying Functional Clusters of Genes from Energy Landscapes in Autoencoders for Personalized Therapy in Medicine that she worked on with researchers Jasleen Grewal and Steven Jones at the Genome Science Centre. 

For this project, she received the 3rd place for the “Best Poster Contribution” award.

In addition to attending the conference, Jenny represented Canada / the CAP at the IAPS Annual General Meeting. During the AGM, delegates representing National Committees and Local Committees as well as individual members discuss and deliberate on a number of topics ranging from memberships to regulations and grants.

"I had an incredible experience at the ICPS 2017. From this experience, I’ve explored, learned about, and shared innovative endeavors within physics," Jenny said. "Overall, it was really remarkable to interact and deliberate with individuals from all around the world, who share a common passion – physics."

Congratulations again Jenny!