The WCB requires Units to provide appropriate written instructions for all tasks to workers. Written safe work rules and procedures are formulated to meet WCB, UBC and if applicable, the manufacturer’s requirements, and should be developed to either eliminate or effectively control the hazards in the Unit.

To meet this requirement,

  • Senior management and supervisors are to formulate site-specific Health and Safety rules and safe work procedures
  • Management will continually provide the necessary resources to ensure that Health and Safety rules and safe work procedures are effective
  • Management, the Health and Safety Program Administrator, supervisors, and Health and Safety committee members are to review accident and injury statistics on a regular basis to ensure that established rules and procedures are providing the Unit with the safest work practices.
  • Health and Safety rules are to be posted in the work areas and specific work procedures are made accessible to all employees in the areas where they apply.

Supervisors are to ensure that:

  • Health and Safety rules and safe work procedures are communicated initially to workers during orientation and on-the-job training
  • Health and Safety rules and safe work procedures are reviewed regularly at staff Health and Safety meetings.
  • Workers are aware of the hazards associated with their work and that they understand how safe work procedures will prevent or minimize injury.
  • Rules and procedures are enforced by immediately correcting any observed unsafe act or condition.

All employees are expected to follow established rules and procedures.

Physics and Astronomy Safe Work Rules and Procedures:

  1. Wear your safety equipment (esp. your cup if deemed necessary).
  2. Work safe.


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