The WCB requires Units to provide proper direction and instruction to workers in the safe performance of their duties. Through training and supervision, employees are made aware of hazards and safe work procedures to follow in order to protect themselves.

To meet this requirements Units must provide:


The University Human Resource Unit holds a general orientation session for new or transferred University employees.

The following general topics are covered during the orientation:

  • UBC objectives
  • Job description (including general limitations and authority)
  • Performance expectations (general)
  • Hours, benefits and pay period etc.

Units are also to hold an orientation session for all new or transferred employees.

Supervisors conduct Unit orientation sessions for their areas in accordance with Unit Orientation and Training Guidelines. An employee must receive orientation training within 10 working days of his/her start date.

The following general topics must be addressed.

  • Unit objectives
  • Job description (including specific limitations and authority)
  • Performance expectations (specific)
  • Wages, hours
  • Training Plan
  • Health and Safety


On-the-job training is to be provided by supervisor to new staff or when new procedures are introduced. This will include:

  • Using written job procedures and job Health and Safety instructions to demonstrate the job
  • Explaining Health and Safety aspects of conducting the particular task
  • Explaining who to contact for help
  • Gradually letting the employee perform the job, under supervision, until the employee demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary for the job
  • Verifying that the employee has learned the correct job procedure


Unit Supervisors are to ensure that work is carried out as expected by maintaining positive supervision over the work activities in his/her unit.

  • Workers are kept up-to-date of management decisions and action plans through periodic staff meetings, unit memos and internal e-mail.

All employees are expected to work according to established safe work procedures. Supervisors will immediately rectify any unsafe actions in accordance with proper corrective procedures.

To effectively meet their responsibilities, supervisors must be trained in the following areas:

  • Techniques of effective supervision and instruction, including motivation and communication,
  • Incident / Accident Reporting and Investigations and how to take corrective and preventive action,
  • Work Site Health and Safety Inspections of their area


Units are to maintain records of orientation and training (to verify that employees have received adequate instruction to work safely.

  • Area supervisor is to sign each record (upon completion of an employee’s training) and will regularly follow up on that training to ensure consistency and competency.


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  • “Orientation Training Guidelines”
  • “Personal orientation and Training Record Form”
  • “HSE Department Resources”
  • UBC Policy #7 Health and Safety
  • WCB Regulation, parts 3.4(h), 3.22, 3.23
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