Units must strive to take all reasonable care in the provision of a safe and healthy workplace. This requires management to be aware of all issues and activities that impact on that requirement. As a result:

  • All senior management and supervisors are required to participate in regularly scheduled management meetings.
  • The purposes of these meetings are to ensure that:
    • Two-way communication between management and workers is established
    • Management receives and considers recommendations from the Unit’s Health and Safety Program Administrator (SPA) and Health and Safety Committee
    • Important aspects of the Health and Health and Safety Program such as inspections, accident investigations, and Health and Safety committee activities are monitored and evaluated.
  • The requirements for these meetings include:
    1. Meet at least monthly
    2. Having a prepared agenda (which includes a section on Health and Safety)
    3. Discussing and making decisions on recommendations from the Health and Safety Program and Health and Safety Committee
    4. Assigning responsibilities for required action and communicating management decisions
    5. Documenting each meeting to meet due diligence requirements
    6. Distributing minutes as required.

The effectiveness of these meetings depends on attendance and participation. It is the responsibility of those key persons and those who attend two levels of meetings to ensure that they communicate all important information and decisions at these meetings. It is this link that will complete the communication chain.

The management groups to meet will be structured as following:

Group Date of Meeting Attendees
The powers that be To be announced

Jeff Young (head)
Kim T. (Admin Assist)

Additional Information and References

  • "Due Diligence"
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  • WCB Regulation, part 3.4 (d)