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Notes for Speakers

Talk Format

All contributed talks (including students') are 20 minutes in length, with the question period (16 minutes talk + 4 minutes for questions). Invited talks are 35 minutes including questions. We ask that you adhere to this time limit; we have planned the schedule very carefully to allow for talks somewhat longer than in the past, and will need your cooperation to make it work.

For best results, the slides for your talk should be in digital form. To keep things moving smoothly, all talks will be given using one computer. You will need to upload your talk to this computer before your session. The prefered file formats are PDF and PowerPoint (the computer will be running the latest versions of AcroRead and PP).

If you are planning on using conventional transparencies, please let us know well ahead of time (it will be best to get them scanned in). Sadly, the conference center is not equiped with blackboards.


The abstract submission deadline is January 21st.

Abstracts are best prepared using LaTeX. If you edit this LaTeX Template, the formatting will automatically be correct; this is the prefered method of abstract submission. If for some reason you can not use LaTeX, the hardcopy should look like this PDF example. The example also gives you more details on the required format. Please send both the source file (.tex, .doc, .wpd, ...) and a printer ready PDF file as e-mail attachments to
joanna AT phas.ubc.ca