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Welcome to the Plotkin Research Group!

Come meet the members of our group, review our current research, and find out on how you can join.


Plotkin Group members and collaborators: Left to right: Prof. Rickey Yada (UBC Collaborator), Prof. Hector Dominguez (Sabbatical visitor, UNAM Mexico), Dr. Daniel Luesebrink, Dr. Mona Habibi, Prof. Steve Plotkin, Todd Kilstrom, John Dupuis, Dr. Xubiao Peng, Dr. Eric Mills, Zach Hamilton. ( Not shown, Jim Xu.)


Protein Misfolding & Aggregation

Generalization of Distance to High-Dimensional Objects

Role of Cosolutes in Protein Stability

Insights into DNA Structure and Dynamics Through Coarse-Grained Models

Dielectric Properties of Proteins

Special Topics in Biophysics


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