Computational Physics UBC
PHYS 210 - Section 101 Term 1, Sept-Dec 2011
Instructor: Steven Plotkin
Office: Henn 401, Physics Building
Email: steve*
Course hours: Lecture: Tuesday & Thursday, 12:30 - 1:30 pm (Hennings Room 201)
Tutorial Section 1: Tuesday & Thursday 1:30 - 3:30 pm (Hennings, Room 205)
Tutorial Section 2: Tuesday & Thursday 3:30 - 5:30 pm (Hennings, Room 205)
Office Hour: by appointment

Dominic Marchand, Email:marchand*

Daoyan Wang, Email: dwang*

Graders office hours: by appointment (email grader with "Phys 210" in subject line)
(* append (at) phas dot ubc dot ca, and please mention PHYS210 in the subject of your email.)

Course Policies:

  1. Quizzes are during the lab sections and are ~45min-1 hr. These are graded on the spot for correct answers and computer code. If the number and/or code is incorrect, the quiz is returned and given as a takehome HW assignment due at the beginning of the next lecture. Late homeworks will not be accepted! These quizzes are then graded for the same credit (thus, the in-lab quiz is a “free shot”). Your file(s) containing your quiz solutions must be deposited in the directory: /home2/phys210/YourUsername/AssignmentX/ (please see Lecture 1 for instructions how to do this). On some occasions, part of the quiz may be in-lab only. I will generally go over at least some of the problems in the following class. Collaboration on homework assignments is encouraged, however copying solutions (either from your lab-mates or from someone in a previous lab session) is an F and your name will be reported to the department head. (don’t copy!)
  2. iClickers: You can register these on the Vista web page for the course. There will typically be about 1 iClicker question per class. You get 1 point just for responding, and 1 additional point if you get the question right.
  3. Class conduct: Please refrain from chatting/social conversation. This is disrespectful to me, and to the other students. Come to class to learn something.
  4. Accounts in the physics & astronomy computer lab: You will be able to self-register for your PHAS account via the kiosk computer in Hennings 203 (it has a "REGISTER HERE" sign on top of the monitor). Do this as soon as possible!
  5. FAQs and trouble shooting for the PHAS computers - see: where all your questions will be answered…
  6. The last class is Dec 1, 2011. Date and place for the final exam is TBD and will be posted on this site as soon as information is available. The final exam will be "in-class" on the lab computers.
  7. Notebook computers are allowed during class, but must not be used for video gaming or recreational computer activities.


Your final grade for the course will be computed from:

There will be no makeup Final.

Recommended Textbooks:

  1. William Shotts, The Linux Command Line:
  2. Amos Gilat, Matlab An Introduction With Applications
  3. Thomas Bahder, Mathematica for Scientists and Engineers

However I will not assign reading from these texts- they can be used for extra reading or as a reference. Copies will be placed on reserve at the IK Barber Library.

Recommended Software:

Other Resources:

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