Physics 209 - Winter 2008/09

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About the Course
What the course is about, what we expect from you

Course Schedule Lab and tutorial times, important deadlines

Course Outline

Lab Manual


Academic Dishonesty Policy

Marking scheme

Example of good lab notes

Your complete guide to error analysis.
In PostScript or PDF.

Intro to Gnuplot
tutorial 1 for gnuplot
printit file for gnuplot to generate postscript output

gnuplot fitting tutorial

Hints on LaTeX
A brief primer, plus some general formal report talk

Graphical login from home to physics
"Xwin32" should give you 2 hour sessions of graphical login to physics from your home-Windows computer.
Cygwin is a free alternative for running X programs (and lots of other free software!) on a windows computer.
Computer Lab and UNIX Introduction

Redirection to Winter 2009/10 web page

Please head over to the UBC Vista page for the up-to-date version of the PHYS 209 web page.

Term II Formal Reports and end of term

The schedule for Phys 209 for the rest of the term is:

March 2-6 and 9-13, experiment 4.

March 16-20 - turn in lab book with experiment 4 on your regular day.

March 23-27 - pick up your marked book.

Your formal report will be due April 6, 5pm. Please also turn in ALL of the lab books you used for Phys 209 this year. You may choose any of the experiments you worked on this term as the subject of your formal report. Please turn all materials in to the labelled boxes in the hall outside Room 30.

The lab will be open regular hours (M, Th, F 2-5pm) the weeks of March 16-20 and 23-27 for you to complete any unfinished experiments or make up for illnesses etc.

The week before the formal report is due, March 29 - April 3, the lab will be closed. There will be a TA available in the tutorial hours.

Formal Reports

Formal reports on your final experiment are due Dec 2, 5pm. Please turn them in to the boxes labeled for Phys 209 in the hall outside the lab. You can find a marking guide here , and a guide to preparing your report here. Even if you don't choose to use LaTeX to prepare your report, you should have a look through reportexample.pdf, as it talks about what we expect to see. In some cases, it might make sense to combine some sections, like Introduction and Theory, or Results and Discussion. Its up to you to structure your report sensibly.


Welcome to the Phys 209 web page for 2008/09. At the moment these pages are currently being updated for the 2008/09 year. Tutorials will begin in the first week of classes (Sept 3 or 4), and the labs will begin the following week (Sept 8).

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