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September 2019 - Website under construction!

We are excited to announce that after 4 years, the TAPD website is finally under construction! We're hoping to update everything within the next few months and hopefully soon we can have an up-to-date website again! :)

If you'd like to make any suggestions for the website, or if you have any questions at all, please send us an email at phas_ta@phas.ubc.ca.
August 2015 - TAPD team hired!

We are excited to announce that the TA professional development program has filled all positions for the 2015/2016 academic year.

  • Mentor TAs: Emilie Carpentier, Abhilash Javaji, Sarah Morris, Swantje Moehle, Wyatt Reeves, Raelyn Sullivan, Demet Kirmizibayrak

  • Head TAs: Lucas Bezerra (P100 Tutorials), Daniel Yates (P101 Tutorials-Term 1), Christopher Waddell (P101 Tutorials-Term 2), , Felix Cormier (P101 Labs), Connor Bevington (P107/P109), Su Yu Ding (P117), Cassandra Miller (P118), Jordan Wilson-Gerow P157/P158), Javiera Parada (A102), Michelle Kunimoto (A101)

For those interested in applying for the next academic year, you can still take a peek at the 2015-2016's job descriptions. Note that job applications and available positions may vary from year to year.
April 2015 - CWSEI End-Of-Year Event

The Physics and Astronomy TAPD program attended UBC's CWSEI End-Of-Year event poster session early this April. The poster described the various elements of our department's graduate student run TA training including the Fall Workshop, Course-Specific Training and our Mentor Program. The PDF version of the slides can be downloaded here.

September 2014 - TA Training Fall Workshop

This year's 2014 Fall Workshop was a great success! Topics covered included everything from teaching and learning strategies to course-specific training. For more information about the PHAS TAPD Fall workshop, check out our Programs page.

May 2013 - TA training conference at SFU

The PHAS TAPD program participated in the first national TAGSA TA training conference. The goal of the conference was to enhance the quality and quantity of graduate student training and teaching in Canada by discussing current practices, existing research-based literature, and foster collaborations amongst the different TA training programs. More information is available on the conference website and blog.

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