Jump Start

I am a Senior Faculty Fellow for Jump Start and a member of the Academic Steering Committee. Jump Start is a program for international and Aborigonal students that are new to UBC. The program started in the Faculty of Engineering and it designed to get you set up for university before you start the semester. This includes getting things like phones and bank accounts. My role focuses on getting you to think like a scientist and a scholar.

Science 101

Science 101 is a four month science course for residents of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and other inner city communities. There's no fee and no prequisites required. The program's goal is to bring science to those that have had difficulty accessing a univeristy education and have some fun while we do it.


For many years I was a physics panelist and moderator for AskScience, a forum on Reddit dedicated to answering questions from all fields of science. The list of panelists contains graduate students, post docs, and professionals from almost every field of science imaginable. I was the 79th person to subscribe. AskScience is now a default subreddit and has millions of subscribers.