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Welcome to the Theoretical High-Energy Astrophysics Group at UBC!

a.k.a. The Really Condensed Matter Physics Group


Former Members

  • Jonathan Benjamin: To Nova or Not to Nova
  • Flora Ge: Finding isolated neutron stars in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey
  • Derek MacKay, now at Stanford: Relativistic Type-I x-ray bursts
  • Martha Milkeraitis: The Universe according to Generation-X
  • Ryan Shannon,, now at Cornell: Vacuum-Plasma mode competition in neutron-star magnetospheres

Computing Resources

Computer Name OS CPU SSH from

Ami Windows XP/Home Celeron 2.4GHz No No
Baba RH 9 P4 1.6GHz No No
Buka RH 9 AMD K6 500MHz No Ask JSH
JMD RH 9 2 Opteron 840
66 Opteron 248
Yes Ask JSH
Jonah* Windows XP/Pro P3 700MHz No Borrow it
Noah RH 9 P4 1.7GHz Yes Ask JSH
Pandora Fedora FC3 Test 3 2 Xeon 2.8 GHz No AstroLAN
Tabitha Fedora FC3 Test 3 2 Xeon 2.8 GHz No AstroLAN

* Jonah is an IBM ThinkPad T20 that you can borrow if you talk to JSH.

Jeremy Heyl <>
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