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  ASTR 310, Sept-Dec 2014

ASTR 310, Sept-Dec 2014

Instructor for Sep - Dec 2014 :

Professor Brett Gladman --> My web page
Tel: (604) 822-6244       email: gladman'at'astro.ubc.ca (substitute @ for 'at')


Prof Gladman in his office (Henn 300B)
Tuesday Dec 2 2:30-3:30.
Wednesday Dec 3: 10:30-11:30 in HENN 312.
Thursday Dec 4 2:30-3:30
and appointments made by email (REALLY! Send me an email!)

TA OFFICE HOURS: (In TUTORIAL room Hennings 312). Tutorial materials available at all of these.

Mon Dec 1   2:30-3:30.  Todd 

Tue Dec 2, 10:30-11:30  Ali 
Tue Dec 2,  3:30-4:30   Paula       (2:30-3:30 available with prof) 

Wed Dec 3, 10:30-11:30  Gladman   
Wed Dec 3,  3:30-4:30   Paula 

Thu Dec 4, 10:30-11:30  Todd 
Thu Dec 4 , 3:30-4:30   Ali         (2:30-3:30 available with prof) 

Final Exam cover and Formula sheet

Follow this link to Final Exam Cover Sheet (PDF file).
Some information may be deleted or added to this, but this is very close to the formula sheet that will be on the exam.


If you have access to the eText (almost all of you will) you may wish to follow instructions to allow you to get chapters onto your
iPad tablet or Android tablet. The prof thinks that if you bus commute a lot, this is an easy way to do readings while travelling.

ASTR 310, Cumulative Course Syllabus AND READINGS (Sept-Dec 2014).

                        NOTE: The format x.y means chapter X, section Y

#  Date    Lecture Topic                                    Pages or Chapter.Section
-- ------  -----------------------------------------     ---------------------------
1  Sep  3  Course logistics, systems of units            xxiv-xxvi, Sect 1.1, 1.3(to end p. 16), App C.1-C.4
2  Sep  5  The local sky and celestial sphere            Sect 2.1 (skip box page 28)

3  Sep  8  The paths of stars and the Sun                Sect 1.2, Sect S1.2 (start p 90, skipping boxes on pp.91 and 94)
4  Sep 10  Motion of Sun across the sky                  Section S1.2 again, but this time WITH the box on page 94
5  Sep 12  Seasons. Precession                           Section 2.2

6  Sep 15  Time-keeping and calendars                    3.1 (start p 54), S1.1 (start p 84, skip box on pp 88-89)
7  Sep 17  Time zones. Scale and angular measure         Material regarding angles on pg 27-29 (including p.28), Section S1.3 (starts p. 100)
8  Sep 19  Lunar phases.                                 p 39-41 (up to but not including eclipses), box on bottom pg. 63 

9  Sep 22  More Lunar phases.                            p 39-41 again (up to but not including eclipses, but include box top right of p 42)
10 Sep 24  Lunar and solar eclipses                      rest of 2.3 (p 42-45)
11 Sep 26  The motion of the planets.                    2.4, 3.2

12 Sep 29  Methods of science                            3.4, 3.5
13 Oct  1  Galileo to Newton                             3.3
14 Oct  3  Newton's laws and orbits                      4.1, 4.2, 4.4 (all 3 sections only 10 pages!)

15 Oct  6  More on orbits                      		 4.4 (again), not missing the Math Insight 4.3 on p 126, which is part of it.
16 Oct  8  Light                                         5.1, 5.2
17 Oct 10  spectra                                       5.3, 5.4 but stop on P. 156 when Doppler effect starts

   Oct 13  THANKSGIVING. No Class			 
18 Oct 15  Doppler effect and Telescopes                 rest of 5.4, 6.1, 6.2
19 Oct 17  End telescopes + Intro to our Solar System    6.3, 6.4, 7.1, 7.2

20 Oct 20  Planet formation				 8.1, 8.2
21 Oct 22  radioactive dating, asteroids, meteorites	 8.3, 12.1
22 Oct 24  The "Impact Hazard"				 12.4
    -------------- Midterm covers up to here -------------

23 Oct 27  Impact cratering				 9.2
 - Oct 29  MIDTERM EXAM, in Class	covers up to and including Oct 24 (lecture 22, on impact hazard).
24 Oct 31  Comets and the outer Solar System		 12.2 (but quiz about material in section 9.2)

25 Nov  3  The outer solar system	 		 12.3
26 Nov  5  Terrestrial worlds: The Moon and Mercury	 9.1-9.3 (already read 9.2!)
27 Nov  7  Terrestrial worlds: Mars			 9.4

28 Nov 10  Interiors of Venus and Earth			 pp 242-244 (again), 9.5, 9.6
29 Nov 12  Our Sun                                       pp. 465-475 (math insights optional)
30 Nov 14  Atmospheres Intro				 10.1, 10.2, Box 10.2 on p. 286

31 Nov 17  Atmospheres of Mars and Venus		 10.4, 10.5
32 Nov 19  Atmosphere of Earth				 10.6
33 Nov 21  Jovian planets. Start Exoplanets		 pp. 308-316+first 2 paragraphs p. 317, pp. 367-371

34 Nov 24  Exoplanets (long reading!)		   	 pp. 372-389. Skip Math insights 13.1 and 13.2, but not Math Insight 13.3
35 Nov 26  Tides,Rings, and Moons 		 	 pp. 128-131, 320-324,326-329, Sect 11.3
36 Nov 28  Life in the Solar System			 pp 697-700,704-710

Dec 5  FINAL EXAM, 8:30-11:00 AM     Room: Leonard S Klinck (LSK) Building 200

The readings are to be completed BEFORE the corresponding lecture; you then must do the reading assignment posted on:
Pearson MyLab
to answer questions related to those readings.

Username is a310 (case sensitive). PASSWORD will be given out in class.


See the Course Summary handout (available in Handouts section below) for information on how quizzes and homeworks contribute to the course grade.
Quizzes are done 3 times/week via Mastering Astronomy (see above)
Homeworks will occur about a half-dozen times over the semester, and be posted here.

Follow this link to Homework 1 (due Wednesday Sept 10, at local solar noon by EMAIL).

Homework 2 (Second sunrise/sunset) was distributed by email.

Click on this link to access Homework 3 (PDF file). Due Friday Oct 3, in the ASTR 310 box just outside the entrance to Henn 312 (your tutorial room). You may NOT submit this be email.
1. You'll get something in the range 0.5-1.0 degrees.
2. Latitude is 30deg3minutes = 30.05 deg north and longitude 31.95 deg east. Cairo is straight west.
3. The physical seaparation is 0.000 137 AU = 20 500 km.

Click on this link to access Homework 4 (PDF file, due Friday Oct 24 5 PM, in the ASTR 310 box just outside the entrance to Henn 312 (your tutorial room). You may NOT submit this be email. CLARIFICATION : The Cassini radar dish is 4.0 meters in diameter.
1. The small angle formula provides the major axis to be 40,000 km. The semimajor axis is half this, or 20,000 km. Use Newton's form of Kepler's Third law (assuming the mass of the moon is a neglible fraction of the sum of the two masses, and making sure that P is in seconds and 'a' is in meters) to conclude that the object's mass is 1.6x10^{18} kg. That's only 2.7x10^{-7} of an Earth mass.
2. Need to get the orbital period P, and thus need semimajor axis a. But the perihelion distance 0.812 = a(1-e) = 0.27a so a=3.007 AU. Kepler's 3rd law gives P=5.21 yr. So last perihelion was 5.2 years before 2014 (in 2009) and the one before that was 10.4 years ago (in 2004).
3. The angular separation of the two islands seen from 1200 km is 172 arcseconds. Using 2.2m waves, Cassini's 4.0 m diameter dish has a diffraction limit of about 1380 arcsconds. Since this smallest angle of 1380" is much bigger than the angular separation, they cannot be resolved. [ Prof's comment: One would need to have a dish 10 times bigger to improve the resolution, or fly 10 times closer. Neither are feasible.]


Tutorials will run every other week, except that the first tutorial meeting will be delayed by a week.
Specifically, you will go to your Hennings 318 during your tutorial time slot on the weeks of

Sept 15, Sept 22, Oct 6 and 10 (but Wednesday sections Oct 15), Oct 20, Nov 3, and Nov 17

TA contact information

If you will miss your tutorial, contact your TA ahead of time. If you cannot make posted office hours, contact the lead TA for your section for an appointment.

Ali Narimany : narimanyali@gmail.com
Paula Granados : granados@phas.ubc.ca
Todd Mackenzie : todd@phas.ubc.ca

Tutorial Section Listing

Day              Section   Lead TA      / Support
---------------  -------  -----------------------
Monday    11:00    T1A    Ali Narimany   / Paula 
Wednesday 10:00    T1B    Todd Mackenzie / Ali
Wednesday 13:00    T1G    Paula Granados / Todd
Friday    11:00    T1F    Ali Narimany   / Paula
Friday    13:00    T1E    Paula Granados / Ali

Blank tutorial worksheets are available for download.
Tutorial 1 (PDF file)
Tutorial 2 (PDF file)
Tutorial 3 (PDF file)
Tutorial 4 (PDF file)
Tutorial 5 (PDF file)
Tutorial 6 (PDF file)


- Course Summary (2 pages) in PDF format (green handout from first day of class).

- Mastering Identity form (1 page) in PDF format (pink handout from first day of class).

- Math Review (1 page) in PDF format (white handout in class). Solutions at bottom of this web page. Seek help by Sept 15 if you cannot obtain the posted answers.
MATH REFRESHER help will be available 1:00-2:30 PM, Friday Sept 5, Hennings 312 (to be confirmed).

- Previous year's midterm for download. The formulas on page 8 may not render correctly in some PDF viewers. I will NOT provide the answers to the questions; this is for you to see the general format of the midterm.

ASTR 310 policies are available Policies link .

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