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UBC Physics &
Ian Affleck: superconductivity, low dimensional magnetism, quantum wires, quantum dots and topological materials.

Mona Berciu: dressed quasiparticles (polarons and bipolarons), strongly correlated systems.

Marcel Franz: topological insulators and superconductors, strongly correlated electron systems, exotic order in quantum matter and anything else out of the ordinary.
  Steve Plotkin: Theoretical biophysics; dynamics and disorder in the theory of protein folding, mis-folding, and aggregation; Nucleic acid structure, function, and dynamics; Neurodegenerative disease; Cancer; Evolutionary origins of multicellularity

Robert Raussendorf: quantum information and computation; fault-tolerance; Bell-nonlocality and contextuality.

Jörg Rottler: computational physics and soft condensed matter, non- equilibrium statistical physics, disordered systems and glasses, polymer physics and complex fluids.
  George Sawatzky: transition metal oxides; new magnetic materials; dynamic mean-field theory.

Philip Stamp: Large scale quantum phenomena; quantum computing; quantum magnets, superfluids; strongly-correlated fermions; decohe-rence phenomena; quantum gravity.

Fei Zhou: Few- and many-body physics in resonant cold gases and optical lattices; multiple scattering, renormalization and scale invariance beyond mean fields; universal dynamics and correlations.
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