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Chemistry D407
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(604) 822-8449

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Canada Research Chair in Quantum Control, UBC - since 2002. Jacques Mimran professorial chair, The Weizmann Institute - 1993-2002.


Willis Lamb award in Quantum Optics (2007); Fellow American Physical Society (2004); Fellow UK Institute of Physics (2004); Israel chemical Society award (2001); Michael Landau award (1999); Weizmann prize of the city of Tel Aviv(1999); Kolthoff prize of the Technion (1998); Somekh Zacks and Yeroslawsky awards of The Weizmann Institute.

Research Area
Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics

Research Field
Coherent Control


Our group deals with the theoretical and experimental aspects of "Coherent Control" of molecular, photonic, and electronic processes. The field of coherent control which I co-founded is based on quantum interference phenomena in matter and electromagnetic waves. By allowing matter waves to interact with coherent laser light it is possible to induce constructive interference so as to enhance desired material processes or to induce destructive interferences to suppress undesired outcomes. Conversely, it is possible to use interference between material waves to influence photonic processes, e.g. dark states formation, coherent population trapping, electromagnetically induced transparency, and slowing down of light. Recently we have merged coherent control with the field of ultracold atoms and molecules to form a new field of "ultracold coherent chemistry". The activities of this new field are supported by the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies. Further details can be found in the book "Principles of the Quantum Control of Molecular Processes" M. Shapiro and P. Brumer, (Wiley 2003).