First Name
Last Name
Associate Professor
Office Room
NCE 307
Lab Room
NCE 322,323
Tel (Office)
(604) 827-3229
Tel (Lab)
(604) 827-3547
Research Groups

Students Wanted

Bachelor's Degree
UBC, 2000, Engineering Physics / Electrical Engineering / Honors Math

Master's Degree
Caltech, 2004, Applied Physics

Doctoral Degree
Caltech, 2004, Applied Physics


Hobbies and Interests

Running, Cycling, triathlon

Research Area

Research Field
Microsystems Technology for Biological Applications

Research Topics
Single-Cell Analysis, Molecular Diagnostics, genomics

Selected Publications
  1. Heyries, K.A. & C.L. Hansen. “Parylene C coating for improved soft lithography-based device production.” LAB ON A CHIP (2011) Accepted for publication.
  2. Sekulovic, S., M. Gasparetto, V. Lecault, C.A. Hoesli, D.G. Kent, P. Rosten, A. Wan, C. Brookes, C.L. Hansen, J.M. Piret, C. Smith, C.J. Eaves, and R.K. Humphries. "Ontogeny stage-independent and high-level clonal expansion in-vitro of mouse hematopoietic stem cells stimulated by an engineered NUP98-HOX fusion transcription factor." BLOOD (2011) Aug 24. [Epub ahead of print]. 
  3. White, A., M. VanInsberghe, O.I. Petriv, M. Hamidi, M.A. Marra, J.M. Piret, S. Aparicio, and C.L. Hansen. “High-Throughput Microfluidic RT-qPCR of Single Cells”. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES (2011) Aug 23;108(34):13999-4004. 
  4. Heyries, K.A., C. Tropini, M. VanInsberghe, O.I. Petriv, C. Hugesman, A. Singhal, K. Leung, C.L. Hansen. “Megapixel Digital PCR”. NATURE METHODS (2011) Jul 3;8(8):649-51. 
  5. Lecault, V., M. VanInsberghe, S. Sekulovic, T. McLaughlin, A. Jarandehei, M.M. Miller, F. Taghipour, D. Falconnet, A.K. White, D.G. Kent, M.R. Copley, C.J. Eaves, R.K. Humphries, J.M. Piret, C.L. Hansen. “High-Throughput Analysis of Single Hematopoietic Stem Cell Proliferation in Perfusion Microfluidic Cell Culture Arrays”, NATURE METHODS (2011) May 22. 8(7):581-6. 
  6. Petriv, O.I., C.L. Hansen, R.K. Humphries, F. Kuchenbauer. “Probing the complexity of miRNA expression across hematopoiesis”. CELL CYCLE (2011) 10(1): 15443-8. 
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    Featured in Science (PDF) and Nature Methods 
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