PHAS News Reported in External Media


Astronomy Hugh Ross Speaks On Relationship Between Faith, Science (alumnus Hugh Ross). October 26, 2018. MTSU Sidelines. 

Carnegie Mellon physicist Randall Feenstra wins 2019 Davisson-Germer Prize (alumnus Randall Feenstra). October 23, 2018. Carnegie Mellon University / Eurekalert.

Scientists develop a new way to remotely measure Earth's magnetic field (Dr. Paul Hickson). October 4, 2018. Phys Org.

Scientists Develop New Way to Measure Earth's Magnetic Field (Dr. Paul Hickson). October 4, 2018. SciTechDaily.

Scientists develop a new way to remotely measure Earth's magnetic field (Dr. Paul Hickson). October 4, 2018. Chemistry Industry.

Lasers Measure Earth's Magnetic Field (Dr. Paul Hickson). October 4, 2018. R & D Magazine.

Hawking temperature of black holes measured in fluid analogue (Dr. Bill Unruh). September 24, 2018. BackRe(Action).

University of British Columbia’s Quantum Matter Institute chooses Veeco’s GENxplor R&D MBE system for researching 2D materials (Dr. Ke Zou). September 28, 2018. Semiconductor Today.

Cosmic 'hotspots' may be relics of a universe that existed before ours (Dr. Douglas Scott). September 14. NBC news. 

Town talk (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). August 31. Vancouver Sun.

The experiment that confirmed—and almost beat—COBE (Dr. Mark Halpern and Dr. Herbert Gush). August 30. Physics Today.

We’re Almost Able to Cool Antimatter. Here’s Why That’s a Big Deal (Dr. Takamasa Momose). August 24, 2018. Futurism.

UBC students outpacing courseware with tech creations (Dr. Andre Marziali, Engineering Physics Program). August 10, 2018. CTV News.

The 18th Engineering Physics Robotics Challenge: Winning Team Spent 1300 Hours to Create Their Robot (Engineering Physics Program, Engineering Physics Lab Director Dylan Gunn, students Vlad Pomogaev and William Schjelderup). August 10, 2018. Sing Tao Vancouver.

Star Wars robots to the rescue at UBC annual competition (Engineering Physics Program). August 9, 2018. Arrow Lakes News, Peace Arch News, and Caledonia Courier.

Radio telescope near Penticton, B.C., opening new doors in astrophysics (graduate student Deborah Good). August 5, 2018. The Canadian Press featured on CTV News, the Globe and Mail, and Vancouver Sun.

Mysterious signal sent from an unknown source in deep space and picked up by a new £12 million telescope in Canada is one of 'only two dozen' fast radio bursts ever detected (Dr. Mark Halpern). August 2, 2018. Daily Mail.

Black hole hologram appears in a graphene flake (Dr. Marcel Franz and Graduate Student Anffany Chen). July 30, 2018. Physics World.

Holographic image of a black hole proposed in a graphene flake (Dr. Marcel Franz and Graduate Student Anffany Chen). July 25, 2018. Phys.Org.

Jupiter’s Moons: 10 More Found, 79 Known (Dr. Brett Gladman). July 17, 2018. Sky & Telescope.

Magnetic model simulated in 3D by D-Wave quantum processor. July 16, 2018. Physics World.

Einstein's Gravity Theory Tested in Extreme 'Zombie' Star Conditions (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). July 6, 2018. Sputnik News.

Astronomers prove that Einstein's theory of relativity holds up even for massive three-star system (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). July 6, 2018. V3.

Einstein's gravity theory passes extreme test on zombie star (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). July 5, 2018. CBC News.

Einstein's Theory of Gravity Holds Up on Test of a Three-Star System (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). July 5, 2018. Gizmodo.

BEST & BRIGHTEST: Grad year has ended up being an ultimate adventure (incoming student Lesley Hill). June 19, 2018. Nanaimo News Bulletin.

Greening the Future of Outer Space (Dr. Aaron Boley). June 1, 2018.

A long search for long wavelengths (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). May 31, 2018. Astronomy.

What Is Spacetime? (Dr. Mark Van Raamsdonk). June 2018. Scientific American.

Our Campus: Jakob Manning is Geering Up to create a more diverse and inclusive environment in STEM (Jakob Manning). May 28, 2018. Ubyssey.

First-time King of the Hill at Knox Mountain race (Dr. Andre Marziali). May 22, 2018. Kelowna Capital News.

Science Rendezvous event held at University of British Columbia in Vancouver. May 13, 2018. Xinhua.

The Science Of Superconductivity (Undergrad student Paul Froese and Communications Coordinator Theresa Liao). May 11, 2018. Breakfast Television / City TV.

Will the Earth ever have a 'dark side' (Dr. Christa Van Laerhoven). May 5, 2018. CBC Radio Quirks & Quarks.

Physics Victory (Physics Olympics). April 8, 2018. Tri-city News.

A night of Quantum Futures: Art and science collide to express quantum mechanics April 4, 2018. Ubyssey.

Exoplanets: Worlds Beyond Our Solar System (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). March 29, 2018. 

CHIME begins its cosmic search (Dr. Mark Halpern). March 22, 2018. Astornomy Magazine.

Our Campus: Dr. Jaymie Matthews ‘translates the language of the universe,’ from the classroom to Sophie's Cosmic Café (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). March 20, 2018. Ubyssey.

To understand the Universe, phyisicsts are building their own (Dr. Bill Unruh). March 16, 2018. WIRED.

Lost in space: Why Canada’s diminishing role in the heavens is a problem (Dr. Jeremy Heyl). March 13, 2018. The Globe and Mail.

How Stephen Hawking changed the life of this UBC astronomy student (Astronomy student Steffani Grondin). March 13, 2018. CBC News.

Stephen Hawking left a mark on the world that few scientists could hope to achieve (Dr. Bill Unruh). March 15, 2018. The Globe and Mail.

Quantum mechanics runs hot in a cold plasma: research (Dr. Ed Grant). March 14, 2018.

Nobel laureate visits UBC ’with the answers to the universe’. January 22, 2018. Ubyssey.

The Astronomer Who Is Building the Largest Map of Space by Volume (Dr. Mark Halpern). January 16, 2018. Motherboard.

James N. Moum selected as Fellow of The Oceanography Society (PHAS alumnus James N. Moum). January 11, 2018. EurekaAlart!

UBC physicists share Breakthrough Prize for mapping the universe (Dr. Gary Hinshaw). January 4, 2018. Ubyssey.

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