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Welcome to the website for the Plotkin Research Group!

We do research at the interface of physics and biology.

Our interests range from the study of dynamics and disorder in the theory of protein folding, misfolding, and aggregation, to DNA function and dynamics, to studies of pattern formation and symmetry breaking in morphogenesis.

Dr. Steven Plotkin in his office

Plotkin Group News:UBC 6224 Agricultural Road

  • Welcome to new postdoctoral fellow Luke McAlary!
  • Habibi M, Rottler J, and Plotkin SS "As Simple as Possible but not Simpler: Exploring the Fidelity of Coarse-Grained Protein Models for Simulated Force Spectroscopy", PLoS Comput Biol 12(11): e1005211. doi:10.1371/journal. pcbi.1005211.
  • Plotkin SS and Cashman NR "Epitopes in amyloid beta and conformationally-selective antibodies thereto" Provisional Patent 62/393,615 Filed Sept 14, 2016.
  • Silverman JM, Gibbs E, Martens KM, Balducci C, Wang J, Yousefi M, Peng X, Lamour G, Cowan CM, Forloni G, Hsiung GR, Plotkin SS, Wellington CL and Cashman NR "Rational Design of a Neutralizing Epitope For Toxic And Propagating Amyloid-beta Oligomers," Submitted Sept 2016.














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