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PHYS 543 Biomedical Optics


Course Outline:

I.       Introduction

1.1. Light-tissue interaction initial events, diagnostic applications


Elastic Scattering

Inelastic (Raman) Scattering


1.2. Light-tissue interaction effects on tissue, therapeutic applications




II.     Radiative Transport Theory

2.1. Optical transport parameters - ma, ms, g

2.2. Propagation of light in tissue


Transport equation

Diffusion Theory

2.3. Optical properties of tissue

Methodology of measurements

Tissue chromophores melanin, hemoglobin, bilirubin

Transport parameters of biological tissues

2.4. Monte Carlo Simulation

Light distribution in tissue/Reflectance measurements

Fluorescence measurements/Raman measurements

III.   Tissue Spectroscopy

3.1. Instrumentation

Optical fibers

Light sources


Detectors (1D & 2D)

3.2. Reflectance spectroscopy

3.3. Fluorescence spectroscopy

3.4. Raman spectroscopy

IV.  Optical Imaging of Tissue

4.1. Reflectance and polarizing imaging

4.2. Ultrasound modulated optical imaging/photoacoustic imaging

4.3. Fluorescence imaging

4.4. Time resolved imaging (time domain & frequency domain)

4.5. In vivo confocal imaging

4.6. Multiphoton excitation imaging (fluorescence/SHG)

4.7. Optical coherence tomography (OCT)

4.8. Lab demonstration of tissue imaging and spectroscopy

V.    Therapeutic and Theranostics Applications

5.1. Endoscopy

5.2. Photodynamic therapy (PDT)

5.3. UV based phototherapy

5.4. Selective photothermolysis Laser Therapy in Dermatology