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The BaBar group at UBC typically has two openings for new graduate students each year, at either the MSc or PhD level. The Physics and Astronomy Department has a guaranteed funding policy for all graduate students, so that BaBar graduate students may concentrate on their course work and thesis research, without worrying about funding.

There is a broad range of exciting potential thesis topics and research experiences and opportunities open to UBC BaBar graduate students. Your thesis topic can easily be tailored to suit your interests and personal goals. PhD students will typically spend 1-2 years on site at SLAC during the course of their studies. You will have the opportunity to:

  • take responsibility in the day to day running of the experiment and its associated software while at SLAC.
  • perform a physics analysis which normally is the centerpiece of your thesis and usually leads to a publication.
  • develop, test, calibrate and improve detector instrumentation and associated software
  • participate in workshops, summer schools, conferences or scientific meetings (in Canada or abroad)
  • gain experience in very large scale computing and databases (BaBar now arguably has the largest database in the world, with well over 900 Terabytes as of June 2004.) See independent reports on BaBar by Business Wire in January 2004 and Washington Technology in October 2003.

Undergraduate Senior Theses

The BaBar group is open to proposals from senior honours thesis students. We often take on NSERC USRA summer students and/or co-op students as well.

NATO visitors

The BaBar group is open to proposals from recent PhDs from NATO member countries (mainly former Soviet Union) for a NSERC NATO Science Fellowship

Drift Chamber/Tracking

The UBC BaBar group (and the entire Canadian BaBar group) has a detector focus on the drift chamber/tracking system. The Babar drift chamber was assembled and strung at TRIUMF, here on the UBC campus. The UBC group assumes responsibility for several tasks relating to operation, hardware, software, calibration quality control of the drift chamber/tracking system. PhD students will typically take some responsibility related to the drift chamber or tracking during their first two to three years with BaBar.


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