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The B Factory, PEP-II, and BaBar

PEP-II and BaBar at SLAC

BaBar is the detector located on the PEP-II storage rings at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in California. Electrons and positrons are accelerated inn the accelerator facility and then injected into the PEP-II storage rings in opposite directions.

The energy of the particles in these two rings are not the same, or asymmetric in other words, with a 9 GeV electron beam and a 3.1 GeV positron beam.

The BaBar detector provides instrumentation around the region in which the rings intersect, which is where collisions between positrons and electrons occur. The detector enables us to reconstruct the particles produced in the collisions, measuring the momentum and energy of the particles produced in collisions.

B mesons and their anti-particles, B-bar mesons, are produced in these collisions. In studying pair-produced B and B-bar mesons we can gain insight into matter-antimatter asymmetry, or CP-violation.

The B/B-bar system has many modes of decay, producing a variety of different particles. Many of these decays have interesting properties, and some decay modes are rare.. In order to study these rare decays and the phenomenon of CP-violation, a large number of B mesons have to be produced from a large number of collisions.


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