Annual General Meeting

Hello Everyone,

The Astronomy Club Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday, March 7th, 2016 from 18:00 to 20:00 in Hennings 312. This meeting is required for all those that wish to hold a position on the Astronomy Club council this coming year. The first 30 minutes will consist of a vote on constitutional changes, which will be immediately followed by a vote on all positions available in the executive and council. If you are interested in pursuing a greater role in the Astronomy Club, this is your chance!There are plenty of positions, so if you would like to get involved, we will try our best to incorporate you. Be sure to send me an email if you have any questions

The following is a list of all positions available in the club, with their descriptions (as outlined in the astronomy club constitution). Do note that we will be voting on a series of amendments to add, remove and change certain roles, so this list is not guaranteed to hold in its entirety come the start of voting.

2.1. President
– Oversees all Astronomy Club activities.
– Calls all Astronomy Club meetings to order and presides as the chairperson of those meetings — or delegates such duties to one of the Vice-Presidents.
– Represents and acts for the Astronomy Club, maintaining a liaison with PHAS, AMS, Physsoc, BPSS, and the Astronomy Community at large.
– Writes an agenda before every meeting and sends it out at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.
– Acts as the administrator for the club mailing list.

2.2. Vice-President Academic
– Oversees all Astronomy Club academic operations.
– Provides an opportunity for undergraduates to learn about astronomy research and careers.
– Organizes an annual Mini-Conference for students to present their research or projects.
– Coordinates with Physsoc and BPSS to organize the PHAS Career Night.

2.3. Vice-President External
– Liaison between the club and other local astronomy groups such as RASC Vancouver, SFU Starry Nights, FVAS, and the Planetary Society, etc.
– Regularly check the email and bring up possibilities for events that have come up to the council

2.4. Vice-President Finance
– Oversees Astronomy Club’s funds.
– In conjunction with the President, creates a budget for the entire upcoming academic year and submits it to the AMS before the deadline.
– Makes deposits and withdrawals and writes cheques on behalf of the club.
– Get receipts from Councillors and makes sure they are reimbursed.

2.5. Vice-President Observational
– Maintains, repairs, knows how to use, and teaches others how to use the Astronomy Club’s equipment.
– Maintains contact with equipment-related sponsors.
– Spearheads the acquisition of new equipment.
– Organizes and hosts Star Parties.

2.6. Vice-President Social
– Oversees all Astronomy Club social operations.
– Organizes social and networking opportunities for Astronomy Club members, including those preceding Star Parties.
– Collaborates with other clubs to organize larger events.

2.7. Secretary
– Keeps accurate minutes of all Astronomy Club Meetings and ensures that these minutes are sent to all Councillors no later than 48 hours after the meeting.
– Compiles a membership list online and an email list to send to the President.
– Monitors attendance at all events and writes an event summary for every event consisting of the date and time, collaboration information, attendance, and revenues and expenditures.

3. Non-Executive Roles:

3.1. Academic Coordinator
– Assists the Vice-President Academic in the latter’s duties.

3.2. General Officer
– Assists in organizing and running events.

3.3. Marketing and Promotions Coordinator
– Creates advertisements to promote Astronomy Club events.

3.4. Photographer/Videographer
– Takes photos and/or videos of Astronomy Club events and astronomical objects.
– In conjunction with the Webmaster(s) and the Marketing and Promotions Coordinator(s), posts the photos/videos on the Astronomy Club’s website and Facebook page.

3.5. Social Coordinator
– Assists the Vice-President Social in the latter’s duties.

3.6. SUS Representative
Attends SUS meetings and informs the council of SUS activities.
Acts as a liaison between SUS and the Astronomy Club.

3.7. Webmaster
Maintains and updates the Astronomy Club website.
Expands and innovates the website as needed.

4. Advisor
Provides advice to the current Council.

5. Other Roles:

5.1. Booking Representative
Books rooms for Astronomy Club events.

5.2. Sustainability Representative
Acts to improve the sustainability practices of the Astronomy Club.


Lunar Eclipse Event

On Sunday, September 27th the field behind the Museum of Anthropology was crowded with more than 400 students for a Lunar Eclipse event hosted by UBC Astronomy Club. We experienced a night filled with enthusiastic students eager to watch the earth paint the moon red. Soon after sunset through to a time well after moonrise the site was so packed that it became challenging for us to find our own telescopes. The telescopes were set up in a close array, allowing several students to look at the moon at the same time through the scopes.

As the moon, earth, and sun lined up for the event, feelings of excitement fell over the crowd. It rose fully eclipsed and stayed fully eclipsed up until almost 8:30pm. It was quite eerie while rising, with a dim and ghostly appearance. Once the moon left the total eclipse we began to see a dramatic contrast between the fully lit and eclipsed sides of the moon; such beautiful transition period. The event lasted for two and half hours; we got sight of the moon around 7:20 pm and closed down at 9:50 pm.

Until our next event..

Clear skies,
Astro Club Exec team

Federal Election Advise from SEDS-CAN

Hello everyone,

As many of you are aware, we are currently in the midst of a federal election, where the people of Canada will decide the direction of the country over the next few years. Clearly, science and space is seldom it the top of one’s mind when making these sort of decisions, but there is certainly a place for the consideration of science during election campaigns.

The UBC Astronomy Club encourages every one of you (that can) to vote, and when you do so consider how your decision will affect science in this country. The government of the day can decide many aspects of how Canadian science is conducted, and what scientists get funded for. It can even affect how scientists are allowed to communicate with the public. So when you vote please make an informed decision. The voices of science-minded are vital to ensure that science in this country can return to the world-leading position it once occupied.

The Canadian branch of the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS-CAN) wrote an excellent article on this topic. If you are interested, take a look at the link below. They are a non-profit dedicated to the promotion of space exploration and development

The link is here:

Clear Skies,

Ronan Kerr,
UBC Astronomy Club
President 2015-16

Reflecting On Merritt


What a way to begin the year.

The UBC AstroClub partnered with the Merritt Astronomical Society (MAS) to organize a weekend-long Star Party. With more than 25 members joining us in this experience, and with the mercy of the SkyGods, we were given 2 beautiful and clear nights to observe the stars with friends. The Milky Way loomed over in all it’s glory with clarity and majesty. A rare sight so close to home.

One may begin to argue in which contexts are friendships best made. My personal contribution to that argument is to make the claim: There is no better place to introduce two humans, than in sight of our celestial home. We challenge you to consider a more specifically human experience than staring mystified at the lights in the night sky. Perhaps we are further removed from such experiences today than ever in the past. However, by travelling 4 hours from home, the AstroClub and its members revisited the night sky in all its glory for a weekend, and we did so together.

During the day, in between our observations, a portion of the members visited Kelowna. After visiting the Farmer’s Market, and an orchard, this group returned to base camp bearing fresh fruits and juices grown locally and harvested the day before. We questioned why is it we are sold fruits grown thousands of kilometres away, when in BCs backyard there exists the finest orchards. The rest of the club spent their day hiking and swimming in the nearby lake.

Though this trip was not without difficulties, including excess wind transforming our tents into wind sails, the group response was admirable. Everyone pitched in to help satiate each others needs. We all worked together, and rather quickly, to anchor our tents. We cooked for each other. We guided those who had trouble seeing. And we left the camp site cleaner than when we received it.

A few of us practiced long-exposure astro-photography during the nights. We will work to bring those photos together and present them in a gallery here on this website. Until then, we will provide some of the beauty captured by Cem Sezer.

We eagerly await our next Star Party, and so should You.
Clear skies,
AstroClub Executives



Welcome BBQ Tomorrow

Welcome back previous AstroClub members and potential new ones!
Tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 5), we’re holding a Welcome BBQ in conjunction with Physsoc and the BioPhys Society from 11am – 2pm outside of Hennings.
There will be cheap burgers and great music, and we’ll be bringing a solar telescope out to observe the Sun! We’ll also be doing memberships signups, which will get you access to all of this year’s observation nights and events!
Memberships are just $5, and there are also specials for joint memberships with Physsoc and BioPhys.
Burgers are also only $1 with a membership!
I hope to see you there!
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