Thermonuclear reaction S-30(p,gamma)Cl-31 studied via Coulomb breakup of Cl-31

TitleThermonuclear reaction S-30(p,gamma)Cl-31 studied via Coulomb breakup of Cl-31
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsLanger, C., O. Lepyoshkina, Y. Aksyutina, T. Aumann, S. B. Novo, J. Benlliure, K. Boretzky, M. Chartier, D. Cortina, U. D. Pramanik, O. Ershova, H. Geissel, R. Gernhauser, M. Heil, G. Ickert, H. T. Johansson, B. Jonson, A. Kelic-Heil, A. Klimkiewicz, J. V. Kratz, R. Krucken, R. Kulessa, K. Larsson, T. Le Bleis, R. Lemmon, K. Mahata, J. Marganiec, T. Nilsson, V. Panin, R. Plag, W. Prokopowicz, R. Reifarth, V. Ricciardi, D. M. Rossi, S. Schwertel, H. Simon, K. Summerer, B. Streicher, J. Taylor, J. R. Vignote, F. Wamers, C. Wimmer, and P. Z. Wu
JournalPhysical Review C
Date PublishedMar
ISBN Number0556-2813
Accession NumberWOS:000334124700006
AbstractCoulomb breakup at high energy in inverse kinematics of proton-rich Cl-31 was used to constrain the thermonuclear S-30(p,gamma)Cl-31 capture reaction rate under typical Type I x-ray burst conditions. This reaction is a bottleneck during rapid proton-capture nucleosynthesis (rp process), where its rate depends predominantly on the nuclear structure of Cl-31. Two low-lying states just above the proton-separation threshold of S-p = 296( 50) keV in Cl-31 have been identified experimentally using the (RB)-B-3-LAND setup at the GSI Helmholtzzentrum fur Schwerionenforschung GmbH. Both states are considered to play a key role in the thermonuclear S-30( p,gamma)Cl-31 capture reaction. Excitation energies of the first J(pi) = 1/2(+), 5/2(+) states have been extracted and the reaction rate for proton capture on S-30 under typical rp-process temperatures has been investigated.
URL<Go to ISI>://WOS:000334124700006
Short TitleThermonuclear reaction S-30(p,gamma)Cl-31 studied via Coulomb breakup of Cl-31
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