Square-planar trilayer nickelates: a cuprate analogue for high-Tc superconductivity?

Junjie Zhang
Event Date and Time: 
Mon, 2018-03-05 11:00 - 12:30
Hennings 318
Local Contact: 
Leanne Ebbs
Solid state materials are classified broadly as insulators, semiconductors, metals or superconductors based on their electrical properties. A superconductor possesses an electronic ground state with zero electrical resistance and total expulsion of magnetic fields. The origin of superconductivity has been a focus since its discovery in 1911, especially following the discovery of high temperature superconductivity in cuprates. Indeed, the nature of high-temperature superconductivity in cuprates remains a defining challenge. Among myriad approaches to addressing this problem has been the study of alternative transition metal oxides with similar structures and 3d electron count that are suggested as proxies for cuprate physics. In this talk, I will present research on a cuprate analogue, exemplified by single crystals of square planar trilayer nickelate La4Ni3O8 and Pr4Ni3O8. I will discuss the discovery of real-space charge and spin stripes, large orbital polarization, low-spin state nature and significant p-d hybridization found in La4Ni3O8, all of which are key features found in superconducting cuprates. I will then discuss the finding of a metallic square planar nickelate Pr4Ni3O8, a true analogue to cuprates yet reported and a singularly promising candidate for high-Tc superconductivity if electron doping could be achieved. Finally, I will briefly discuss my vision for future research.
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