An optimal energy estimator to reduce correlated noise for the EXO-200 light readout

TitleAn optimal energy estimator to reduce correlated noise for the EXO-200 light readout
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsDavis, C. G., C. Hall, J. B. Albert, P. S. Barbeau, D. Beck, V. Belov, M. Breidenbach, T. Brunner, A. Burenkov, G. F. Cao, W. R. Cen, C. Chambers, B. Cleveland, M. Coon, A. Craycraft, T. Daniels, M. Danilov, S. J. Daugherty, J. Davis, S. Delaquis, A. Der Mesrobian-Kabakian, R. DeVoe, T. Didberidze, J. Dilling, A. Dolgolenko, M. J. Dolinski, M. Dunford, W. Fairbank, J. Farine, W. Feldmeier, S. Feyzbakhsh, P. Fierlinger, D. Fudenberg, R. Gornea, K. Graham, G. Gratta, M. Hughes, M. J. Jewell, A. Johnson, T. N. Johnson, S. Johnston, A. Karelin, L. J. Kaufman, R. Killick, T. Koffas, S. Kravitz, R. Krucken, A. Kuchenkov, K. S. Kumar, D. S. Leonard, C. Licciardi, Y. H. Lin, J. Ling, R. MacLellan, M. G. Marino, B. Mong, D. Moore, O. Njoya, R. Nelson, A. Odian, I. Ostrovskiy, A. Piepke, A. Pocar, C. Y. Prescott, F. Retiere, P. C. Rowson, J. J. Russell, A. Schubert, D. Sinclair, E. Smith, V. Stekhanov, M. Tarka, T. Tolba, R. Tsang, K. Twelker, J. L. Vuilleumier, A. Waite, J. Walton, T. Walton, M. Weber, L. J. Wen, U. Wichoski, J. Wood, L. Yang, Y. R. Yen, and O. Y. Zeldovich
JournalJournal of Instrumentation
Date PublishedJul
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number1748-0221
Accession NumberWOS:000387763000006
KeywordsAnalysis and statistical methods, Data processing methods, decay detectors, Double-beta, double-phase), Instruments & Instrumentation, Noble liquid detectors (scintillation, ionization,, pair creation energy
AbstractThe energy resolution of the EXO-200 detector is limited by electronics noise in the measurement of the scintillation response. Here we present a new technique to extract optimal scintillation energy measurements for signals split across multiple channels in the presence of correlated noise. The implementation of these techniques improves the energy resolution of the detector at the neutrinoless double beta decay Q-value from [1.9641 +/- 0.0039]% to [1.5820 +/- 0.0044]%.
URL<Go to ISI>://WOS:000387763000006
Short TitleAn optimal energy estimator to reduce correlated noise for the EXO-200 light readout
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