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Physics & Astronomy News May 2011

  • Trapping Antimatter: Dr. Walter Hardy is part of the ALPHA team that trapped antimatter at CERN for the first time in human history
  • Quantum Materials: UBC and Max Planck commit to a new Center for Quantum Material
  • Relativity and Cosmic Expansion: Astronomers confirm Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Accelerating Cosmic Expansion

Other stories include: Message from the Head . Atoms and Dark Matter . Wieman White House Post . The Core Sunlighting Sytem . Alumni - Stay in touch .

Physics & Astronomy News January 2010

  • Pulsar Missing Link: See how a unique double-star system helps explain millisecond pulsars
  • New Hebb Labs: Learn how the renovated Hebb laboratories get students talking and thinking
  • Microfluidics: Discover how microfluidic technology helps researchers study complex molecular dynamics

Other stories include: Message from the Head . Edward Auld . The Human Orrery . Faraday Science Show . Summer Camps . Student Updates . Black-Hole Experiments . Thirty-Meter Telescop . Transitions .

Physics & Astronomy News January 2009

  • Erich Vogt: An internationally renowned theoretical physicist and one of Canada's preeminent scientists interviewed
  • CWSEI: Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative - Innovating Undergraduate Education
  • Superconductors: Breaking the Surface of High Tc Superconductors

Other stories include: Message from the Head . Student Awards . Texas in Vancouver . Jaymie Matthews: A Stellar Human Being . Wrong-way Kuiper Belt Object . Here there's no word for male or female? . Beyond the Standard Model .

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