Magnetism with Big Data Radio Surveys: High-z to the Cosmic Web

Tessa Vernstrom (Dunlap Institute, University of Toronto)
Event Date and Time: 
Mon, 2018-03-12 15:00 - 16:15
Hennings 318
Local Contact: 
Jaymie Matthews
Intended Audience: 
This exciting time of big data from new telescopes and surveys provides unprecedented opportunities for discovery. Cosmic magnetism is a vigorous and rapidly developing area. This surge of interest has been driven in large part by the prospect of dramatic new views of polarization and Faraday rotation offered by new wide-field technological developments. The combination of new deep extragalactic radio surveys, statistical methods, and data-mining techniques allow us to probe to new depths and examine questions such as: was there a primordial magnetic field and what was its strength? What is the nature of the intergalactic medium and magnetic field and how has this changed over time? What role do cosmic magnetic fields play in the formation and evolution of large-scale structure and galaxy evolution? Answering these important questions requires overcoming observational challenges and creative problem solving with the development of new, and expansion of existing, techniques to be applied to the onslaught of new radio (and multi-wavelength) data. This talk will discuss recent works, covering simulations and predictions to techniques and observations, relating to the meaningful study of magnetic fields all over the sky and throughout cosmic history, from high redshifts to the cosmic web.
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