Interaction of MeV atomic ions with molecular solids: ion track structure and sputtering phenomena

TitleInteraction of MeV atomic ions with molecular solids: ion track structure and sputtering phenomena
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsDaya, D. D. N. B., P. Demirev, J. Eriksson, A. Hallen, P. Hakansson, R. E. Johnson, J. Kopniczky, R. M. Papaleo, C. T. Reimann, J. Rottler, and B. U. R. Sundqvist
JournalRadiation Measurements
KeywordsCollector Experiments, Cratering, Pressure Pulse, Radial Velocity Distributions, Scanning Force Microscopy, Shock Wave, Sputtering, Surface Modifications, Surface Tracks, Swift Heavy Atomic Ions, Thermal Spike
AbstractRecent results obtained in our research groups from studies of the interactions of swift, heavy atomic ions with molecular solids are concisely outlined. The focus is on material ejection (sputtering) and surface track formation. The experimental techniques employed include time-of-flight mass spectrometry, energy analysis, collection and analysis of sputtered material, and scanning force microscopy. Characteristics of the sputtering process probed include the sputtering yield, radial and axial velocity distributions, angular distributions, and surface track morphology. Besides reviewing and correlating experimental results, we also emphasize the common quasi-thermal origin of pressure-pulse/hydrodynamic and evaporative spike sputtering models.
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