Email Forwarding


You can forward your incoming PHAS email to another server, but please be aware that under the FIPPA you are required to protect personal information. 

Mail Forwarding

There are 3 ways to forward mail addressed to a local domain to another address:

  •     use the Auto-Response feature in the PHAS WebMail tool.
  •     to filter out spam before forwarding: add a line to your /mail/$HOME/.dovecot.sieve file.  (see sieve page)
  •     create a /mail/$HOME/.forward file with the forwarding address(es):

          - ssh into
          - cd /mail/$HOME
          - use a text editor to create/modify the .forward file, or type something like:
                    echo '{other address}' > .forward

Care must be exercised with all mail forwarding, not to create a mail loop. (site A forwards to site B which forwards back to site A). Postmasters take a particularly dim view of such behaviour.

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