Electron-phonon coupling in underdoped cuprates

Andrey Mischenko (Cross-Correlated Materials Research Group, Riken, Japan)
Event Date and Time: 
Mon, 2011-12-05 12:00
Hennins 318

The angle resolved photoemission spectra (ARPES) and optical conductivity (OC) of the underdoped high temperature superconductors is studied in the framework of the low density limit of the t-J-Holstein.

It is shown that both magnetic excitations of the t-J model and strong coupling to phonons are important to explain the ARPES and OC in the underdoped compounds. Strong coupling to phonons leads to the transfer of the spectral weight of ARPES from the narrow quasiparticle peak to the broad Franck-Condon shake-off band which maximum, nevertheless, copies dispersion of a hole in the pure t-J model without coupling to phonons [1]. The infrared OC of the underdoped compounds reveal, both in theory and experiment, the two band structure with low energy band arising due to phonon scattering and high energy peak emerging because of complex process of simultaneous emission of magnon and several phonons [2,3]. Both t-J and Holstein model fail to describe anomalous temperature dependence of ARPES whereas the t-J- Holstein model is in semi quantitative agreement with experiment [4]. Further generalization of the model to nonlocal electron-phonon couplings is considered [5]. I also discuss relation between phonon anomalies and kink in ARPES [6].

It is shown that analysis of ARPES and OC data for larger dopings suggests fast decrease of the electron-phonon coupling strength with doping having universal dependence of the coupling strength on the in-plain hole doping concentration [2,7].


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