Dynamical de Sitter phase in strongly coupled gauge theories in expanding Universe

Ariel Zhitnitsky
Event Date and Time: 
Wed, 2016-10-12 12:00 - 13:00
Hennings 318
I discuss a new scenario for  cosmology when  the   de Sitter phase emerges dynamically.   It might be relevant for the present epoch (observed dark energy) and inflationary epoch (early Universe).  This genuine quantum effect occurs as a result of   dynamics of the topologically nontrivial sectors in a   strongly coupled QCD- like gauge theory   in an expanding universe.  The effect is non-local in nature,  non-analytical in coupling constant and can not be described in terms of any local propagating degree of freedom such as  scalar inflaton field Phi (x). In many respect it is similar to  Aharonov Bohm effect which is described in terms of the potential and not in terms of the magnetic field. I discuss some profound phenomenological consequences of this scenario for  inflationary cosmology.  I also suggest to test  these novel ideas   in a tabletop experiment by measuring some specific corrections to the  Casimir pressure in  the Maxwell theory  formulated  on a topologically nontrivial manifold.  
Based on  two recent Phys. Rev. D papers: arxiv: 1310.2258 and arxiv: 1505.05151
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