Departmental Oral Examination (Thesis Title: “Constraining the Flux and Cross Section Models with Data from the ND280 Detector using FGD1 and FGD2 for the 2016 Joint Oscillation Analysis at T2K")

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Fri, 2016-12-16 09:00 - 11:00
Henn 302
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Physics and Astronomy, UBC
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The T2K experiment has performed several measurements of the neutrino oscillation parameters.
This thesis presents improvements to the cross-section constraints used in the measurement of oscillation parameters in the form of adding an oxygen target to the near detector fit at T2K. This near detector fit to data including a water target shows consistent fitted cross-section and flux with previous results, and significantly reduces the uncertainty on the neutrino energy spectrum predictions at the far detector. In addition, nuclear model dependencies in the cross-section model used at T2K were investigated using the near detector fit, and the T2K model was shown to be sufficient in accounting for nuclear effects.

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