Challenges of very high-energy electron therapy of cancer

Magdalena Bazalova-Carter
Event Date and Time: 
Thu, 2015-10-15 14:00 - 15:00
TRIUMF Auditorium

Radiation therapy of deep-seated target is most commonly delivered with x-ray beams or with the increasingly more popular but significantly less cost-effective proton beams. Radiation therapy delivered with very high-energy electrons (VHEE) presents an intriguing and possibly cost-effective option to treat cancer. In this talk, I will give a quick overview of current radiotherapy and explain the theoretical advantages of VHEE therapy. More specifically, I will present our Monte Carlo simulations of VHEE treatment plans of a number of treatment sites. Additionally, I will show our experimental data on dose deposition of VHEE beams acquired at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and their comparison to Monte Carlo predictions. Then I will present results from radiation therapy cell survival studies performed with VHEE beams and x-ray and lower-energy electron beams. I will conclude the talk with ideas for future research that might advance VHEE therapy towards a clinically feasible treatment technique.

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