30 Years of AKLT - Interacting systems in low dimensions

Ian Affleck et al
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Thu, 2018-04-26 08:30 - Sat, 2018-04-28 18:00
room 1221, Forest Sciences Building
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SBQMI Administrator (Jasmine Chipman Koty, Email: jasmine.chipmankoty@ubc.ca, Phone: 604-822-9086)
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The Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute is pleased to invite you to attend the workshop:

30 years of AKLT: Interacting Systems in Low Dimensions


Invited Speakers

  • Ian Affleck (Vancouver) "Majorana-Hubbard model in two dimensions"
  • Mohammad Amin (d-Wave)"Observation of topological order in a programmable superconducting quantum processor"
  • Collin Broholm (Baltimore) "The Quest for a Quantum Spin Liquid"
  • John Cardy (Berkeley) "The TTbar deformation of quantum field theory and some applications"
  • Jean-Sebastien Caux (Amsterdam) "Wires and chains: the dance of field theory and integrability"
  • Claudio Chamon (Boston) "Non-Abelian topological phases in three spatial dimensions from coupled wires"
  • Sebastian Eggert (Kaiserslautern) "The dynamic structure factor in impurity-doped spin-1/2 chains" 
  • Ion Garate (Sherbrooke) "Efficient algorithm for real-space parameter optimization in Majorana wires"
  • Domenico Giuliano (Calabria) "Effects of a Majorana mode at a junction between a topological superconductor and quantum nanowires"
  • Masayuki Hagiwara (Osaka) "Experimental verification of AKLT model and Affleck-Haldane conjecture for spin-1 1D antiferromagnets"
  • Bertrand Halperin (Harvard) "Particle-Hole Symmetry in a Half-Filled Landau Level"
  • Catherine Kallin (McMaster) "The Anomalous Hall Effect in Chiral Superconductors" 
  • Brad Marston (KITP/Brown) "El Niño as a Topological Insulator: A Surprising Connection Between Climate, and Quantum Physics"
  • Frederic Mila (Lausanne) "Generalization of the Haldane conjecture to SU(3) chains"
  • Masaki Oshikawa (Tokyo) "AKLT and beyond: Ian Affleck's contributions to 1D quantum many- body physics"
  • Rodrigo Pereira (Natal) "Chiral fixed point and three-channel Kondo effect in Y junctions of Heisenberg spin chains"
  • Dmitry Pikulin (Santa Barbara) "Charging energy of a Majorana Cooper pair box"
  • Nathan Seiberg (Princeton) "QED3"
  • Eran Sela (Tel Aviv) "Can one simultaneously measure entanglement and charge of many body systems?"
  • Pascal Simon (Paris) "Exploring a quantum phase transition with a Kondo circuit"
  • Jesko Sirker (Manitoba) "Transport in integrable lattice models"
  • Erik Sorensen (McMaster) "Dynamics and Critical Scaling at the Superconductor to Insulator Transition"
  • Hal Tasaki (Gakushuin) "Two extensions of the Lieb-Schultz-Mattis theorem for spin chains"
  • Steven White (Irvine) "Critical behaviour in hydrogen chains from electronic structure calculations"

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