116-fs soliton source based on an Er-Yb codoped waveguide amplifier

Title116-fs soliton source based on an Er-Yb codoped waveguide amplifier
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsJones, D. J., S. Namiki, D. Barbier, EP Ippen, and HA Haus
JournalIeee Photonics Technology Letters
Pagination666 - 668
Date Published1998/05//
ISBN Number1041-1135
Keywordserbium materials/devices, fiber ring laser, optical fiber lasers, optical planar waveguides, optical pulse generation, Ultrafast optics, wave-guide amplifier
AbstractA passively mode-locked soliton ring fiber laser is investigated that utilizes a 4.5-cm erbium-ytterbium (Er-Yb) codoped waveguide amplifier as the gain element. The resulting short cavity (1.3 m of fiber) eliminates multipulsing behavior and reduces the effects of resonant sidebands, enabling generation of 116-fs solitons with a pulse energy of 160 pJ at a fundamental repetition rate of 130 MHz.
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